solar - The module

The photovoltaic cells are connected in series and/or in parallel so as to increment the level of power to be generated.

The connection of several cells leads to the formation of strings which require a electrical and mechanical protection provided by the superimposition of several layers of materials.

This system leads to the realization of the Module which is composed as follows:

1) aluminum frame
confers greater mechanical strength to the module and facilitates its installation;
2) sheet of tempered glass
of variable thickness which has a dual function:
optimize the level of incident radiation transmitted on the cell (> 90%); ensure good mechanical strength;
3) first encapsulating sheet
transparent EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which has the function of guaranteeing the seal against foreign agents and good dielectric insulation;
4) second encapsulating sheet
EVA for the back insulation;
5) Pye Tedlar encapsulating backsheet
which confers sturdiness to the module;
6) junction box
for electrical connections necessary for installation.

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